Why We’re Getting The Bookstore Back, Again

The Booksellers Association of America (BAA) has announced that it will launch a new initiative to help bookstores get back into business.

The BAA is seeking to get a share of the e-commerce market in the US.

“The booksellers are being driven out of business because they’re losing money,” the BAA said in a statement.

“That’s why the American Bookseller Association (ABA) has launched a new effort to get the bookseller back into the marketplace.”

The BAA, which represents about 200,000 booksellors, said the plan is to create a nonprofit, non-profit corporation called the Booksellership Alliance, which would oversee the business.

The initiative will not be a tax-deductible business, but the association says it hopes to provide a new income stream to the business, which has been underfunded since the financial crisis.

It also said it would take a 10% cut of sales and a 10.5% cut in advertising and marketing revenue.

“This plan is a direct response to the unprecedented financial pressures faced by American booksell, and to the need for better access to information, services and supplies to support the growing demand for books,” the statement said.

The announcement comes after Amazon launched a free, on-demand service for book buyers in the UK, which will allow users to download books from Amazon to Kindle devices and read them on their smart phones or tablets.

Amazon also has a free service for customers in Australia, which is the UK’s biggest market for books, and has said it plans to launch a similar service in the future.

The launch of the new initiative comes after the BAAC’s chief executive, Michael Whelan, announced a new slate of initiatives to help support the book industry.

Among the initiatives that Whelans announced included an “Amazon for Authors” program that will allow authors to submit their books to Amazon, and a plan to support bookstores that are struggling financially.

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