Why is the United States still not a Christian nation?

Posted December 10, 2018 08:14:18 We have a lot of misconceptions about Christianity, and they are very damaging.

A Christian nation should be one that has no divisions.

A country where people believe in God is a Christian country.

A people that believe in Jesus Christ, a leader who teaches us how to love and obey him, a place where we are accepted and welcomed, and where we feel free to live out our religious convictions, are Christian nations.

And the United Kingdom, we’re now seeing the same thing.

I’m not saying that the UK has made a fundamental shift to theocracy.

I am saying that our leaders are very conscious of what the bible says about the roles of government and the state and the role of the church in our lives.

We’re talking about a country that has an official religion, a church.

That means the state is an institution, and it has a responsibility to the people to provide them with the services and facilities they need.

A religion is a belief system, and there are a number of different kinds of religions.

And that’s the same reason that the Bible is so relevant to any society.

Religion is the most fundamental thing in any culture, and we’ve always been an open society.

The idea that we are somehow the only people on the planet who don’t belong to one of the big religions, and that’s not true, is completely ridiculous.

There are so many religions around the world, and religions are all different.

I know from personal experience that there are some people in our country that believe that the government is the guardian of religion, that they should have the right to regulate religion, and I think that’s absolutely wrong.

We should all respect other people’s religious beliefs.

There is no one religion that is the only one, and you can’t have an open democracy if you have people who don-t accept your religion.

If you have an official church, it’s the government that is imposing that.

If the state doesn’t want to do that, then the government shouldn’t be involved.

That’s why I don’t think that we’re moving to theocratic rule in the UK.

We have the Church of England.

The Anglican Church has a very strong tradition in the United Kingdoms.

It’s not the only religious denomination in the country, but it is very significant.

And I don-re not saying I think the government should be involved in religion in the way that the United Nations has.

There should be a separation of church and state.

There shouldn’t even be a government agency that is involved in any religion whatsoever.

That-is not what the Bible says.

There’s a whole list of different religions.

So, you can-re going to have an important discussion in the House of Commons about this, but I-d-ve never seen that discussion anywhere in the media.

If it had been, then you would have seen that.

I don–t think that any British person would agree to having the government have the power to determine what people believe.

But I-ve seen a few articles in the past that have implied that the country is theocratic.

But that is not what we are.

We don’t have a government that’s in control of all of religion.

There-re plenty of other people who-re religious in their own way, but the government-is in control over that.

There–re not a government entity that’s taking a very controlling interest in religion.

Thats a huge mistake.

It-ll-be very hard to get that sort of discussion anywhere.

But, the British people do not have an absolute right to determine how their religion should be practised, or who should be allowed to practice it.

We are a secular nation, and people are free to practice their religion, but they are not allowed to impose it on the people who are in power.

We-re a free country, and the government has to protect the rights of people who wish to practice a particular religion.

The reason why I think this debate has taken place is that, since the referendum, we’ve been living in a different world.

The UK has been the world leader in the fight against ISIS.

The British people have suffered terribly, but we haven’t had a major social or political change in a very long time.

But now that ISIS is gone, it-ll be very difficult to achieve anything.

And if we don’t fight ISIS in the future, then we can never get the right balance of democracy, of freedom and equality, of the rule of law, of free speech, and so on.

If we don-we can’t achieve that balance, then there-re no point in having a democratic society at all.

The same is true of Islam in the world today.

In the last few years, we-re seeing a significant rise in hate crimes and xenophobia.

We need to work hard to

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