Which state is the best for reading books?

Which state has the best bookstore in the U.S.?

Here are the rankings: 1.

Alabama: Alabama has a lot to offer.

It’s a state where you can get a great book with the best prices.

But that’s just one of the perks of living in the Deep South.

Read on to find out what makes Alabama a top choice for reading.


Georgia: Georgia is also a great place to find a good book.

If you live in the city, you’ll have more options.

And it’s a great area to explore when traveling.


Missouri: You can also find great books in the St. Louis area.

The region is full of great writers and a lot of arts and culture.


Iowa: It’s not all about books, either.

Iowa is home to a lot more restaurants, museums, and bookstores.

But the state also has the most people.

That means you’ll find a lot less expensive books in this great state.


Indiana: If you’re visiting Indiana, you might be tempted to head to the state’s great lakefront.

It has plenty of restaurants and bars to cater to both families and singles.

But if you’re looking for a place to enjoy some more local, bookstores will always be a good choice.


South Dakota: There are plenty of great places to eat in South Dakota.

You can find great local food in a number of locations.

And, of course, you can go to a local book store to read.


Colorado: Colorado has the highest percentage of bookstores per capita in the country.

If it weren’t for the mountains, Colorado might be on the list of the top states for reading but it’s certainly a great option if you live near the mountains.


North Dakota: If your state is just a little bit north of the equator, you may find a book in North Dakota.

There are a number places to go and there are lots of great books to read in this state.


Kansas: The Kansas City area is home the most to great bookstores and booksellers.

You’ll find some great local restaurants, too.


Wyoming: If it’s just a few miles away from your house, you won’t be disappointed with your book.

Wyoming has the fourth highest percentage for reading in the United States, according to the UNAVCO Bookscanner survey.


Maine: Maine has the second highest percentage among the states for bookstores, according the UnaVCO survey.


Arizona: Arizona has a variety of great book stores and bookselling venues.

There’s a lot going on in the state.

You may even find a great bookstore to go out and check out.


Montana: Montana has a ton of great restaurants and other great places for eating out.

There is a big outdoor mall, too, which is great for people who like to be outdoors.


Utah: If the weather is good, you should find plenty of bookselling and dining options.

The Utah area is a good place to go to when traveling because you can find places to relax and enjoy a book.


Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico: New Mexico and Arizona have some of the best bookstores in the nation, according UNABIS Bookscanter.


Washington, Oregon, and California: Washington and Oregon are great places in these states for finding great books.


New Jersey: If New Jersey is just down the road, you shouldn’t be too disappointed with its bookstores that cater to families.


Illinois: You won’t find much else in Illinois than good bookstores like the Bookshop in Chicago.

You should also consider a bookshop in your area if you have the means to afford it. 19.

New York: There’s always a good bookstore or bookstore in New York City.

You might find a little extra room for your books.

And you might also find some local food to eat.


Hawaii: The Honolulu area has some of best bookselling in the world.

You could also find a local food restaurant or a local bookstore in Hawaii.


Alaska: If Alaska isn’t far away, you probably won’t need to spend much money to find good booksellings.

You just need to be sure to find something good.


Hawaii, California, Nevada and New York states: The best books to find in these three states are from the bookstores on the east coast.


Utah and Colorado: If Utah is just three hours away from Denver, you could find some good bookselling options in the Salt Lake Valley.

You’d also be surprised how good it is to find great bookselling from Colorado.


Hawaii and California states: If California is just 30 minutes away, it might be a better option for finding books in Hawaii and it has a good library.


Nevada and California state: If Nevada is just two hours away

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