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article In a recent study, authors in Australia and New Zealand wrote about their frustration at finding the right books for their writing.

The authors of the research, from Oxford University and Monash University, reported finding that they had been “overwhelmed” by the number of books available, with the majority of their research suggesting that the number is “not sufficiently high”.

The study also revealed that the most popular books were those with “low social standing” and were often published by “unknown authors”.

The authors also pointed out that the “lack of visibility” of the publishing industry had “distorted the distribution” of “certain types of authors”.

As a result, the research found, “many authors” were unable to find “the right books to be able to publish their work”.

The lack of visibility of the industry, and of the authors themselves, has also meant that the books they do find are often “boring” and “hard to read”.

“In this country there are currently only three authors with a significant number of published books,” said one of the study’s authors, Pauline MacKenzie, a psychology professor at Monash.

“The lack of diversity in the industry has been a real challenge, and this research shows that a lack of awareness and an unwillingness to engage with the literature and research that is being produced within the field can limit the diversity of authors and the impact of their work.”

The study was published in the Journal of Communication and Communication Studies.

The lack the diversity in literature and researchers that can produce works that can be “relevant” to our culture and society is a big problem.

The research, however, was not the only problem with the study.

In particular, the authors had also been “dismissive” of literature that was written by women and “totally biased”.

“We have a problem with a number of writers in this field, including women writers, who tend to be ignored by the field,” MacKenna said.

“We’re not saying they’re wrong or we don’t like them, but we want to encourage the research to be more inclusive and inclusive of different voices.”

The lack in diversity in writing was particularly troubling for writers who write “gender-neutral” fiction, the study found.

“Women and people of colour have been neglected for decades, and we need to be mindful of the importance of their voices,” Mackenna said, adding that the study also showed that the authors were “not interested in being inclusive of the voices of women writers”.

The report also highlighted the problem with “misogynist” writing.

“This form of writing, in which women are objectified, dehumanised, and degraded, is problematic for several reasons,” MacKay said.

In addition, she said, it was “a form of privilege” that the industry had not been able to change.

“If writers don’t want to be objectified and dehumanised and marginalised and objectified in the same way, then we can’t expect to see the kinds of books that are produced by women or people of color that we want and need.”

A key problem with women and people from underrepresented groups being ignored and marginalisation in publishing is that this is “perpetuated in the marketplace”, MacKay told Al Jazeera.

“There are a lot of ways to write this book and it’s a really difficult problem to solve.”

MacKay also highlighted that the research showed that “the number of women and non-binary people who have been published has declined, which is problematic”.

“The authors’ findings highlight that publishing is not an equal opportunity environment,” she said.

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