What’s new in the Oxford English Dictionary

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady today unveiled the latest version of the Oxford Dictionary, which features new entries for some of the most significant events of the past 100 years.

The Oxford English dictionary, which has been in use since 1644, is the most widely read dictionary in the world, with a global market worth $5.5 billion and over 3 million entries in its online database, according to data from Oxford University.

Its new entry on “the great English-speaking period” includes a number of milestones.

The first entry, “A year of prosperity, peace and tranquillity”, is a celebration of Britain’s victory in World War I.

The second, “The great war of the 20th century”, is one of the largest and most costly in British history.

The third entry, on “The triumph of democracy in the European Union”, celebrates the victory of the bloc over Nazi Germany in 1945.

The fourth entry, written in 1692, is a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth I, and a celebration to the 100th anniversary of her birth.

The fifth entry, in 1714, commemorates the British settlement in North America, which was a turning point in the global struggle for independence from the British Empire.

The sixth entry, which is dedicated to a woman known for her courage, bravery and integrity, is “The story of Elizabeth I’s marriage to John Dudley”.

The seventh entry, dedicated to the first and only known human mummy, is titled “A life of suffering and sorrow”.

The eighth entry, for the first time in the English language, is dedicated “to the Great British Empire”.

The ninth entry, a tribute on “a century of the British people”, is dedicated “.



to the great nation of Great Britain”.

The tenth entry, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, is written “A century ago”.

The eleventh entry, describing a time when the UK was still under French rule, is called “A day of glory”.

The twelfth entry, titled “The anniversary of Britain in the 19th century,” is a poem written in 1825.

The thirteenth entry, entitled “The English and Welsh nation’s victory over the Saxons in the war of 1812”, is written in 1796.

The fourteenth entry is dedicated in memory of the first recorded use of the phrase “England first”.

The fifteenth entry “A celebration of the centenary of the birth of the nation’s founding father”, is entitled “A time to remember the birth, birth and birthright of Britain”.

A poem commemorating the life of the English poet John Keats is written on the last page of the dictionary.

The sixteenth entry celebrates the “bitter and tragic” death of Queen Victoria.

The seventeenth entry, with the date of the founding of the Republic written in the year of our Lord 1700, is entitled “.


.” and a tribute is written to the “heroic men of that century”.

The eighteenth entry, about the British Army during the Crimean War, is in honour of the regiment, and commemorates its members.

The nineteenth entry, named after the Irish composer John Williams, is named after a famous song he wrote.

A poem, commemorating a “crown of life” is dedicated.

The twentieth entry, published on February 1, 2021, is about the history of the US and the “American Revolution”.

The twenty-seventh entry commemorates “the centenary” of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and World War One.

The twentyth entry, dated February 7, 2021 is about an “unpredictable and tumultuous time in history”, and is written for the anniversary of World War II.

The thirty-first entry is titled “.


..a poem in honour” and is dedicated by the British poet, William Shakespeare, to his wife and the children of his partner.

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