What’s new in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s are the first iPhones to come with a 4.7-inch LCD display, but the iPhone 5 has an even larger 6.5-inch display.

The iPhone 5’s display is more than twice the size of the iPhone 4s’ display, and Apple says the iPhone’s display has more pixels than the entire display of a Samsung Galaxy S6.

But it is also slightly smaller than the Galaxy S5, which is still an impressive feat given its size.

The iPhone 6 Plus, which will be announced on March 3, is the second iPhone to get a 5.5 percent bump to the A5 processor in the chip that powers the iPhone and iPad.

The A5 chip is capable of a 10x faster GPU, according to Apple.

The processor’s new feature, AVC-H, allows for more efficient and more precise video playback.

The new A5s processor, in combination with a higher-resolution display and improved camera, will give the iPhone a new “tremendous edge,” according to a recent report from Gartner.

It is a new iPhone with a better screen, but it is still a good phone for most people.

The 6 Plus has a better camera, too, and a bigger battery.

The 5s and 5s Plus have the same cameras as the iPhone, but both have higher-end cameras and larger batteries.

The camera is better in the 6 Plus’s camera, with a bigger aperture.

But both phones are capable of better image quality.

The bigger screen is a good thing for the iPhone; the 6s Plus has much more screen real estate for the camera than the 5s or 5s plus.

Apple will announce a new 5s on March 2, but not its successor, the iPhone SE, on March 4.

A new iPhone is not an iPad replacement.

It’s an upgrade.

And it will be the first iPhone to have a bigger screen.

Apple is going to be adding more power to the iPhone in order to do more with less.

The bigger screen on the iPhone Plus will also mean more storage for the phone, which means more apps and content on the phone and more space on the device.

The display will also allow more battery life and more storage space for the data you download.

The new iPhone 6 has a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p, up from the 720p on the 5.0-inch model.

That’s bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus, but smaller than that of the iPad Pro.

The screen on both phones has a resolution between 640 and 880 x 480.

The size of an iPhone 6 is almost identical to that of an iPad Pro, so the new iPhones are going to feel almost the same.

Apple says that the screen on a 6 Plus will be more than four times as large, which it calls a “truly amazing display.”

The new iPhone’s screen is just as wide as an iPad’s.

The same screen size will be a huge improvement over the iPhone.

Apple has a lot of power on its side, and it will use that power to make some huge changes.

The phone will be able to use more battery, more RAM, and more cameras.

It will also have more storage.

Apple’s battery life will be much better than the iPad’s, too.

And its new camera will be better than that on the 6.

The cameras will also be better.

The screen will be slightly bigger, too — but not by much.

It is about 1.7 percent bigger than that in the 4.6-inch iPad Pro’s screen.

That makes the iPhone feel a lot smaller, and that’s good.

The big difference between the iPhone (and the iPad) and the new iPhone (5s) is the camera.

The larger display will mean Apple will be getting more light into the camera, which has to be sharp.

That means more detail in the photos you take.

It means better photo quality and sharper photos, too: The iPhone’s camera will capture more detail, too!

And the camera will have more pixels, which Apple says means better performance.

But while the camera has improved, the display is not.

The size of each display is smaller than a 720p display, for example.

The smaller screen will give you a bigger, brighter display, which makes the display look brighter.

But the larger screen will also make the screen appear smaller, which may make the display appear more dark.

The brightness will be increased to make the iPhone more dark, too; that will make the image appear darker.

The biggest change in the display will be in the video and audio quality.

Apple will introduce new “Apple A5” chips, which are capable not just of higher resolution and higher frame rates, but also higher image quality and faster performance.

Apple said the A6 chip will be “the fastest, most powerful chip on the planet.”

Apple says Apple A5 is “designed to be able take advantage

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