What you need to know about Amazon’s new bookstore, which opened this weekend in New York City

If you’ve been looking to get a book from Amazon’s New York bookstore this week, you may have been disappointed to learn that you can’t just walk in and pick it up.

Instead, you’ll have to wait until the store opens in New Orleans this weekend.

Amazon has announced the new book store, and the company says the launch will be followed by more than a million book purchases from New Orleans’ bookstores over the next two days.

The launch of the new store in New Yorkers’ New York borough, which has a population of nearly 10 million, comes just weeks after Amazon expanded its bookstore presence in the New York metro area.

The company said the new bookstore will feature a range of titles from “best sellers,” as well as “new authors,” as the company describes it.

“New York City has one of the largest and most diverse book communities in the country, so we’re excited to open our first new bookstores in New England and New York,” Amazon New York CEO and co-founder Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

“This new store will serve as a hub for our global book community, bringing Amazon’s books to our customers wherever they are, at anytime, anywhere.”

Bookstores in cities across the U.S. will soon be able to pick up Amazon’s first-ever full-fledged physical bookstores, which will be available to anyone over the age of 21.

The move will allow Amazon to open more stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, while it also lets it expand its physical bookshops in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Amazon also plans to expand its e-book store in the Chicago area to allow customers to buy and read books from the company’s e-reader devices, which are expected to launch later this year.

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