The last bookstore in Scotland has been taken over by the owner of the notorious neo-Nazi website Liberty Bookshop

A bookstore owned by the notorious anti-Semitic neo-Nazis Liberty Bookshops has been declared “uninhabitable” by the Scottish government after a judge found it “incompatible with the values of the Scottish community”.

The last remaining bookstore in the Borders town of Vroman, in Aberdeenshire, has been in operation for nearly 40 years.

The owner of Liberty Bookstore, Paul Vroman was also the owner and operator of the infamous website Vroman’s Bookshop which published a series of racist racist tracts, including the one that claimed Jews are “not like white people, they are different”.

The owner told the BBC he was “disappointed” by Judge John O’Neill’s ruling.

He said: “I’m not a racist and I’ve had a lot of friends in the community.

The Scottish Government is reviewing the decision, but has said the decision will not affect existing businesses or property. “

I don’t think anybody in this country should have any connection with that kind of stuff.”

The Scottish Government is reviewing the decision, but has said the decision will not affect existing businesses or property.

The ruling came after a number of complaints to the Scottish Police about the bookshop.

Judge O’Neil said that it had been a “well-established, long-established business”, and said that its “inherently discriminatory and racist practices”.

The judge said: It is in the public interest to ensure that the last remaining Liberty Bookstores in the area are not subject to the kind of undue threat to the safety of the community posed by the alleged activities of Paul Vron, who owns and operates the bookstore.

He ordered that the business be taken over, which was subsequently granted.

The Borders town has long been known for its high crime rates and high levels of violent crime.

Mr Vroman has since moved his family to another town in Scotland, but he is now living in Aberdenshire.

The bookshop has been closed since August.

A spokesperson for the Borders Police said: The Borders Police Service are aware of the decision made by the High Court to declare a non-compliant business as uninhabitable and has been assessing its options.

We have been liaising with the owner, who is also aware of our plans to remove the bookstore.

The High Court ruling has been welcomed by the local community and by the owners of Vromeans Bookshop.

Mr O’Donnell said: I am very happy that the decision has been made and I look forward to working with the authorities to ensure a new business can be set up in Vroman Town.

The decision comes after a series the bookstores and the local police.

They were ordered to close in December 2017 after police found a number or copies of Vron’s Bookshoes publications.

The last shop was closed in May 2018.

The local council said the closure was justified, but that the owners had been unable to get their businesses licence.

The Council said: In this case it is our view that the circumstances in the bookshops and bookshop premises are not suitable for a bookstore and we are confident that this will be resolved soon.

In light of the fact that the book shops are closed, we have also made the decision that the premises and premises premises associated with them must be sold to someone who is fit and able to operate a bookshop or bookshop associated with a book shop.

A number of the owners were also fined over the bookseller’s publications.

Police have also raided several other businesses in Vromeons town.

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