The ‘adult bookstore’ that ‘won’t be sold’: Bookseller says no to sale

A bookseller who said he won’t sell his ‘adult bookshop’ after being told it’s ‘no longer appropriate’ to do business there said it would still be there even if it wasn’t.

Key points:Paul Taylor said the “adult bookstore” he operates in Melbourne’s CBD was no longer appropriate to be usedPaul Taylor, who owns the ‘adult store’ in the CBD, said he would still “continue to sell books” if he was allowed to reopenHis business was raided in July 2017 and the “no sale, no buy” rule was put in placeThe Melbourne-based author and publisher has been told it cannot reopen its “adult book shop” in the city’s CBD after being advised it would not be allowed to do so under the new restrictions on businesses in the area.

In a statement, Mr Taylor said he had been told he was not allowed to operate his business in the new rules and would be forced to seek permission from the city to reopen.

“The adult bookstore that I run in Melbourne is no longer an appropriate business for me to operate in,” Mr Taylor wrote on Facebook.

“I have been told this and this is the reason why I am being advised that the sale and purchase of adult books is prohibited.”

“I will continue to sell all books from now on, and will continue selling all books, books, all books that are on sale.”

He added that he had not heard any further updates from the City of Melbourne on the matter.

Mr Taylor said that he has been operating in Melbourne since 2012, but he said he was unaware of the city being told he had to seek a new licence.

“We are a business in Melbourne and I don’t know what the city has been saying to me about what I should do with my business,” he said.

“This is the first time I have had a call to ask for advice and I have been unable to get anything out of them.”

Mr Taylor was also informed that his books would be subject to a $50,000 fine, a $200 fine and an unlimited period of time in a police detention centre for “serious breaches of the sale of adult or non-adult books”.

“The police have been very good to me and have been helpful, but it is a matter of time before they come for me,” he wrote.

“If I am not allowed the right to sell my books, my business will go under.”‘

No sale, buy’ rules apply to all businesses in Melbourne, not just the CBDAs a result of the police raid, the “storefront” was raided and the owner was charged with breaching the sale, supply or importation of goods.

He has since pleaded not guilty to the charge.

“At the time, it was a big shock, I was stunned,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There was no sale, there was no buy, and I was asked to go to court and I said ‘no, I am going to keep going’.”

Mr Taylor says he’s had no further updates on the case.

“As soon as I went to court, they asked me if I had any other cases against me,” Mr Turner said.


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