Why I got a CT scan in the ER

I was diagnosed with a stomach bug in October and the next morning I got an urgent CT scan.The results were positive, but it wasn’t good.I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency gastroenterology appointment.It was the third time in the last month I had had a CT.I went to the ER and waitedRead More

‘We have a plan’ for UCCU bookstore to open in 2019

On Friday, the University of Queensland confirmed it had signed a deal with publisher Penguin Group for a new bookstore to be established at the UCC UUCU campus.Key points:A new bookstore will open in UCC University of Brisbane’s flagship campus in 2019The UCC bookstore will be open 24/7 from October to April, with books andRead More

Why it’s OK to wear white in a bookstore

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times published a front-page article titled “What to Wear to Your New Bookstore Book Event.”The headline was clear: white is the new black.The article described an event that would feature a bookshop opening on a Saturday and a Sunday, and attendees being asked to wear their “whiteRead More

How to find your dream job online: 5 tips

Books in your genre are becoming increasingly valuable online, with authors like Neil Gaiman and David Mitchell earning their living on their books.However, there’s a catch: online book shopping is expensive, and the quality of what you buy can vary from one author to the next.To help you make the best decisions on your nextRead More

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