Sju bookstore opens, sells books about the UF football team

SPUERTO RICO (Reuters) – A new Sju Bookshop in downtown Rio de Janeiro has opened its doors to the public to sell books about UF Football Team in a first for the country, which will host the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

Sju Bookshops in Rio de Janiero, the capital, and Para, the state capital, are already sold out, but the new one will be open on Monday.

Its opening marks the first bookshop in Brazil dedicated to UF, which is in the midst of a two-year campaign for the 2022 World Cup, after the country’s Supreme Court blocked the bidding process for the tournament last month.

The bookshop will sell football-themed and UF themed books on a range of topics, including soccer, music and culture, with the main focus on UF players.

It also aims to give UF fans a place to discuss their team and fans, including the recent controversy over a racist chant used by some fans during a game in the U.S. state of Florida last month that resulted in the arrest of a UF player.

The Sju Shop opened on Jan. 16, and will sell books and a range, including a U.

F themed book about the team.

Its owner, Daniel Mina, told Reuters that the books will include information on UFs best players, as well as a biography and biography of UF’s former coach, Paul Pasqualoni.

Mina, who has been running the Sju shop for three years, said he wants the shop to become a place for UF supporters to discuss the team, fans, UF and other topics.

He said the books are also aimed at young people and that they will be available for children between six months and 12 years old.

The shop is a part of a growing trend in Brazil for bookshops dedicated to the world’s biggest sports team.

Earlier this year, the Brazilian government announced a plan to set up more bookstores and other bookstores across the country.

The plan is to increase the number of bookstores in Brazil by at least 50 percent by 2020.

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