‘I feel like we’ve been living in a dream’: Georgia bookseller says he’s been living his dream since 2008

The title says it all: Georgia bookselling owner Gregory McBain is living a dream.

The 37-year-old author, whose Georgia bookstore was named Georgia Booksellers of the Year in 2011, says he believes he has been living a successful and fulfilling life since 2008, when he became the first person to earn a master’s degree in publishing.

McBain has published more than 150 books and continues to write and publish books with publishers such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Simon and Schuster Children’s Books, Random House Children’s Classics, and HarperCollins Children’s.

He is the recipient of two national awards and the National Book Critics Circle’s 2011 National Book Award for Children’s Fiction.

McKain is also the owner of a popular bookstore in Columbia, which was featured in the hit movie “Gone Girl,” starring Emma Watson and Reese Witherspoon.

McDonald said he recently had the chance to chat with his mother, who has been an avid bookseller for nearly a decade, about the challenges she has faced since her husband and son died when the couple’s house burned in 2005.

McDona said the fire changed her life and her life in many ways.

She lost her husband in the fire, and her son is still in a hospital with burns on his hands and face.

“I have lost three children, and I have lost a lot of friends and colleagues,” she said.

McBean has worked with McBains and his business partner, Jim McBean, since 2008.

McMcBeans, who is a founding partner in the Georgia Bookstores of the South chapter of the National Association of Bookselling Corporations, said the two were part of the same family.

“They were a very happy family.

I have great respect for their integrity, their love for books, their dedication to their customers and their dedication as business partners,” he said.

He said McBeans was also a very talented and enthusiastic storyteller and a good listener.

“He has always been a storyteacher, he has always made me think about the big picture and he is very good at getting the story out in a simple, easy-to-read way,” he added.

McBeyan said McBears books have sold over 7,000 copies and he continues to sell thousands of copies of his books to customers across the country.

“The last year, he’s sold more than 20,000 books,” he explained.

McDONA said McBeyans stories have been so inspirational to her that she even wrote a children’s book about her husband.

Mcdonald said he also continues to work with the McBeains to improve their business.

He said they have worked with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia Public Radio, and Georgia Department of Transportation.

McDOXE News Channel reporter Sarah Smith contributed to this report.

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