How to create your own Black Book cover story for your publisher

The best cover story in the history of publishing is one that has a clear, compelling message, and you know exactly what it is.

The most effective cover story is one where you know that your publisher or editor is going to get a kick out of the story, and is likely to be receptive to what you have to say.

And you know when your cover story will be published.

But most cover stories aren’t perfect.

If you’re publishing a black book, the cover story may not be perfect.

So what is the best cover stories for your Black book?

You might not even know you’re writing a cover story until you see the book’s cover.

Here are the best black book cover stories.


“The Dark Side of Christmas” by Rebecca J. Carter, Black Books, October 10, 2017 2.

“My Life as a Black Woman” by Michelle Alexander, The Atlantic, February 14, 2018 3.

“Black Girls: The Story of Our Lives” by Tami Morrison, Black Women, December 7, 2017 4.

“Pilot” by Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair, February 12, 2018 5.

“Racism” by Zayden Jones, The New Yorker, October 12, 2017 6.

“All Black” by Maya Angelou, New York Times, February 7, 2019 7.

“Sick of the White Man” by Margo Martindale, The A.V. Club, November 13, 2018 8.

“Migrant” by Aaliyah Allen, NPR, December 11, 2018 9.

“Bitches, Cops and the Black Experience” by Nola Thompson, Rolling Stone, February 13, 2019 10.

“What I Learned from My Brother” by Lena Dunham, Vulture, January 21, 2019 11.

“Shark Tank” by J.J. Abrams, HBO, March 6, 2019 12.

“A Night to Remember” by Anika Jharkhand, BuzzFeed, February 6, 2020 13.

“Glamour: The Beauty Myth” by Angela Bassett, Glamour, January 25, 2019 14.

“Kiss My Closet” by Jenji Kohan, Cosmopolitan, April 7, 2020 15.

“Lies My Teacher Told Me” by Gaby Hinsliff, The Huffington Post, February 11, 2020 16.

“Unsafe at Any Speed” by Lauren Conrad, Time, February 20, 2020 17.

“White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Jessica Chastain, MTV News, April 6, 2021 18.

“I’m Going to Die Tonight” by Marlon Brando, A&T, May 5, 2021 19.

“Oceans of Love” by Natalie Portman, HBO series, April 28, 2021 20.

“When I Feel Lonely” by R. Kelly, The Ringer, July 22, 2021 21.

“We Can’t Be Friends” by Shonda Rhimes, HBO movie, September 25, 2021 22.

“This Is Us” by Sara Paschall, HBO film, October 3, 2021 23.

“Why We’re Doing This” by Alana Robinson, ABC News, October 25, 2022 24.

“Crazy Rich Asians” by Alison Brie, Netflix series, March 8, 2021 25.

“In My Life, I Am a Black Girl” by Erika Christensen, PBS, June 10, 2021 26.

“Life After Marriage” by Sarah Silverman, Netflix, August 10, 2022 27.

“Naked in the Sun” by Aziz Ansari, Netflix Series, September 17, 2022 28.

“Empowering Black Women” by Alicia Keys, BET, December 9, 2022 29.

“Nocturnal Animals” by Kate Winslet, Netflix TV series, May 11, 2022 30.

“How to Build a Slave” by B.D. Wong, The Toast, May 20, 2022 31.

“Don’t Eat the Corn” by Elizabeth Banks, Slate, May 21, 2022 32.

“Love, Sex, and Power” by Yayoi Kusama, New Yorker magazine, July 13, 2022 33.

“One Hundred Days of Summer” by Joanne Chesimard, Slate magazine, August 1, 2022 34.

“Hannibal” by Bryan Fuller, CBS series, October 17, 2021 35.

“Til Death Do Us Part” by Kip Andersen, The Guardian, October 22, 2022 36.

“It” by Emma Watson, HBO television series, December 19, 2022 37.

“Wanderlust” by Emily Heller, Vogue, February 9, 2019 38.

“Reinventing Me” and “The Art of War” by Mark Z. Danielewski, The Verge, February 24, 2019 39.

“She’s My Woman” and “‘I’ is Mine” by Beyoncé, Beyoncé album, Beyonce and Jay Z

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