How the West Can Help Jerusalem Survive After the Holocaust

By Joseph Mennin and Golan Mofaz – 20:50 CETThe West must find ways to support the people of Jerusalem as they endure the worst of the Holocaust, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.

Speaking at the launch of a new book on the Holocaust that details the aftermath of the Nazis, Netanyahu said that Jews should not be forgotten by history.

“We should not forget the victims of the Jews’ genocide.

It is the only way to stop it,” Netanyahu said, using the Hebrew acronym for the Holocaust.”

I have to tell you, it is not easy, but it is possible,” Netanyahu added.”

The West can help.”

As the West tries to save the Jewish people from the Holocaust and as the Jewish community in Jerusalem faces renewed persecution, Netanyahu made clear his belief that it is the West’s responsibility to assist.

“It is not a question of if the Jewish state is going to survive the Holocaust or not, but how,” Netanyahu told the crowd at the book launch.

“We have to find ways of helping the Jewish citizens of Jerusalem.”

The prime minister’s comments came at the end of a day that saw Netanyahu and other politicians meet to discuss ways to prevent the Holocaust from recurrence.

Netanyahu’s announcement comes as the West struggles to find a way to support Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, where nearly 90% of Palestinians live.

“For the past seven years, I have spoken about the Jewish-Arab conflict and the plight of the Palestinian people,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying.

“I want to speak about how the Jewish homeland is our common home.

The West can save it.

We can help.

We are in charge of this.”

Israel has seen its worst year of violence since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1995.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, including more than 50 Palestinians who were shot dead.

Netziv has long been critical of Israel’s actions in the West Bank.

In a speech last month, he suggested that Israel had the right to exist, despite a long history of settler-colonialism.

Netanies statement came just days after Israel’s chief of staff, Yaakov Amidror, warned that Israel is not just losing control of the West bank but is losing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“A two-state solution is the best and only one to save this region,” Amidror said, referring to a final status agreement.

“If there is a Palestinian state, I am sure the two-states solution will be one of the best options for the Palestinians.”

Netanyahu also spoke about Israel’s efforts to bring peace to the Palestinian territories.

He said that Israel’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is “one of the great achievements of the Israeli government.”

Netanyahus foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said on Tuesday that the “greatest victory” Israel has achieved in the last 40 years was to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an end.

“Israel is the greatest success in the history of the world, the greatest state in the world,” Lieberman said.

“The Palestinians are the biggest losers.”

Netanoy said that the West has a “huge responsibility” to support Jerusalem, saying that “we have a responsibility to protect the Jewish and democratic values of the city and to give it the protection it deserves.”

Netani, an Israeli-born lawyer and member of the Likud party, said in a statement that Netanyahu’s statement was “irresponsible.”

“The international community is facing the most difficult and difficult period in its history and the international community must not forget that,” Netani said.

“Netanyahu is not alone in this,” said David Ben-Gurion, an academic and former senior Israeli government official, in an interview with Al Jazeera.

“This is the beginning, the beginning.

This is the way forward.”

Ben-Guryan said that while the West is facing a difficult time, the Jewish State must keep up its fight to protect its people.

“This is what we will do, the Jews of the whole world will do,” Ben-Hussein said.

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