GMC stores up to $6,000 for book titles on sale

The GMC bookstore chain is making it easier to buy books in some regions.

The retailer is announcing on Monday it will sell a small selection of titles at a discounted price in some markets to try and entice people to buy in.

GMC also plans to sell books from a number of publishers at a discount.

GMC has been in the news recently for a lack of book sales.

Earlier this month, the retailer reported a decline in sales, a loss of $9.7 million for the year, and $1.5 million in profits.

Last month, GMC said it would begin offering the books in a smaller selection to give its retail stores more room to stock titles.

“In addition to selling a limited number of books in stores, we are also looking at other ways to make our stores more attractive for shoppers,” said Bob Huggins, GMF chief financial officer.

He added that the company had not yet decided whether to sell the books online or in bookstores.

A spokesperson for GMC declined to comment.

In its earnings report last month, GFCS, the parent company of GMC, said it was working to increase sales and make the company more profitable.

It said its sales were up in the fourth quarter, and its profit for the period rose to $7.1 million from $4.4 million.

Despite its struggles, GMs books are proving popular.

During the week ending Aug. 20, GMCB sales increased by 13 percent, to $10.9 million, according to a company press release.

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